Hey All,

I am an indie music composer, producer, and singer, currently living in Bengaluru, India. Modern-yet-impressive is probably the best term to describe my music, which is mostly inspired by everyday life. My songs include Alarm, Namma Dasara, and Forever, which is an experimental song produced in collaboration with international music artists.


I have been a part of the indie music scenario for over six years and involved with a lot of diverse musical projects, some of which have also been featured by media publications and TV channels. My songs are mostly inspired by the everyday life.

I hold an MBA degree in Media & Entertainment and have learned Hindustani Classical Music under Pt. Veerabhadraiah Hiremath. Additionally, I can proudly say that, what I am today is because of my constant experiments over these years. I play Piano (Keyboard) and a bit of Harmonica.

While I would love to spend my entire life in my own studio, at a serene location, producing the best music this world can witness, the realities of life have made me take up ‘Content Writing and Development’ as my profession. And, since YouTube has now become a common platform to share engaging content on the Internet, it has forged me into a video producer as well.

Well, I definitely look forward to that small dream of mine – ‘my own studio in a serene place and producing the best music.’ 😉

Hope you all would support me in my musical journey. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch my latest music videos.