Faith Hope & Love – Press Release



After producing and releasing 6 independent songs, Bangalore based music composer and producer Phalgunn Maharishi is all set to release his upcoming song titled Faith Hope & Love, inspired from The Holy Bible where Paul writes “But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

The song started as a small project back in May 2017 and has grown manifolds over the months with many independent musicians collaborating in the belief of understanding the bridge between music and humanity. The project has witnessed wonderful collaborations between six artists from different cultures with various musical backgrounds, spread across India, USA, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The official music video of Faith Hope and Love has been produced by Phal Music with the support of 18 individuals who believed in the concept and backed the project in the crowdfunding campaign held in partnership with GoodClap. The campaign recently ended successfully having received over 60 % of the original goal amount.

Phal Music has also partnered with Ollo Audio, TVally, and Open Stage Radio who have extended their hands in support of this unique music video.

Speaking about the song, Phalgunn Maharishi said “Faith Hope and Love is an experimental pop fusion song which sets out on the concept of having faith, hope, and love as three main pillars in our lives, yet believing that Love is the core foundation upon which Faith and Hope are built.” He added, “The same has been presented in the song through three musical cultures – Christian, Carnatic, and Rap.”

The song features Shannon (Female Singer and English Lyrics), Nikshep (Carnatic Classical Singer), Neff (Rap), I Made Sentana (Sitar Solo), Eshan (Hindi Lyrics), and Tom Hellsten (Mixing and Mastering), while the music video has been conceptualized by Lohit Kumar S and Nikhil H C. It also features Vaishnavi A B in the lead role, Chaitra Gowda as the Guitarist and female singer, Nikshep, Neff, and Phalgunn as themselves. The music video has been driven extensively through Nikhil’s cinematography and direction.

I Made Sentana, a musician from Indonesia who has been a part of this song said, “I was a bit cautious when I accepted the invitation because collaborating cross culturally is not always easy. But, when I listened to the track, I was so excited and instantly the sitar solos started popping out. That’s what happens when you work on intoxicatingly groovy song.”

Speaking about challenges we had during the music video shoot, Nikhil H C, the director and cinematographer, said, “We had to complete the shoot in just one day due to many reasons, of which budget is one. And, achieving this especially when we had to shoot in different locations in four corners of Bangalore was definitely a challenge.” He further said, “We could have got better shots if only we had good budgets and more timeframe. Yet, nonetheless, I am happy about the output we were able to churn out.”

Adding further on the song, Lohit Kumar S, Line Producer and Artist Manager said, “Working on this project turned out to be way challenging than we had actually imagined. It was definitely not an easy task managing the artists and completing the project, especially when most of our time was spent in traffic traveling between different locations.”

Meri Dua – Press Release

Music Composer / Producer Phalgunn Maharishi and Video Editor / Director Suraj Shankar have released their brand new music video ‘Meri Dua’ on March 23, offering audience an opportunity to relive their love story once again.

The song is currently available on YouTube, Vimeo, and 125 music stores and streaming platforms worldwide including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Music, Saavn, and Shazam to name a few. It will also be available on SoundCloud, ReverbNation, and other streaming portals as well.

Meri Dua is composed and written by Phalgunn Maharishi, sung by Manoj Kashyap, Acoustic and Bass Guitars performed by Graham Exton from USA, and mixed and mastered by Tom Hellsten at TST Studios, Thailand.

The official music video of Meri Dua, presented by New Age Moviz is filmed in Mysuru and features Sagar and Aisiri in the lead roles. It features Suraj Shankar as the Video Editor and Director, Chinmaya as the Cinematographer, Varun Gowda as Production Manager, Sagar and Aisiri as Lead Actors, Rajesh Dilldar as Title Designer, Harshith, Ullas, Vishal, and Ashwini as associates.

The Core Team of #MeriDua and What They Feel

“It has taken around 4 years to finalize the composition and lyrics because Meri Dua has been a song that is very close to my heart. It has undergone countless iterations through out my learning curve, and when I listened to Manoj’s mesmerizing voice, I decided that it should be him who can bring this song alive. He agreed to work on this and thanks to Suraj and his team, we have an awesome video as well. It is not just a song, but an entire experience to relive your love story,” said Phalgunn Maharishi while speaking about the making of the song.

Suraj Shankar said, “When I heard the song for the first track, I could visualize the entire video that has come out now. However, the challenge was to shoot the entire music video in less than 24 hours – we just had a Sunday as we all work during the weekdays. The experience has been great. It was definitely a learning curve for everyone who has worked on this and we are soon coming up with many more projects.

While the video adds a lot more natural and ambient sense to it, thus enhancing the cinematic feel and making it an experience and not just a music video. Manoj’s mesmerizing voice adds more value to the song and smoothens the transition from the real world to your nostalgic love scene.

About Team #MeriDua

Phalgunn Maharishi (Music Composer, Record Producer and Lyricist): Phalgunn is a Music composer – Producer – Singer currently living in Bengaluru who loves to collaborate with international music artists. He has been experimenting with sound and music from past 8 – 9 years, and his popular songs include Alarm, Namma Dasara, Forever and Ade Beeru. His songs are influenced by the everyday life. He holds an MBA degree in Media and Entertainment.

Suraj Shankar (Video Editor and Director): Suraj works as the faculty assistant at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Mysore and is a video director who has worked a number of short films and music videos including Alarm, Yours Faithfully, and Jolly Ride. He is a graduate in 3D Animation from MAAC.

Manoj Kashyap (Singer): Having trained in Carnatic Classical Music from a very young age, Manoj explored into various genres singing a number of songs in Kannada, Hindi, and English.

Tom Hellsten (Sound Engineer): Swedish by birth, Tom Hellsten lives in Thailand from past 13 years. He has been working with sound and music from the age of 15, and he has mixed and mastered over 1000 songs in the past 4 decades.

Graham Exton (Guitarist and Bassist): Graham is a musician by heart and plays Guitar, Bass, and also a number of other instruments native to the Bahamas, the place where he lives. He also works at the Bahamas Ministry of Education, and has been recording multiple instruments for a number of international collaborations. He is also a music composer, having a number of instrumental tracks for his credit.

Chinmaya V (Cinematographer): Having grown up seeing his dad working in the dark room capturing photos through film, Chinmaya became an artist. He likes to look at work whether it is cinematography or capturing an image through his camera. Camera for him is one of the tools to create a great art. He has pursued his degree in animation and vfx, and saw his passion in painting and photography.

Other Team Members:

Lead Actors Sagar and Aisiri, Title Designer Rajesh Dilldar, Associates Harshith, Ullas, and Vishal are students of visual communication. Ashwini who is also an associate works as a visual communication faculty assistant at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham