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    Indian Independence Day Special (Yeh Mera Desh)

    Patriotism runs in the blood of every Indian, and for us artists, what better way to celebrate this memorable day than composing and producing a song in dedication to all the super heroes who brought freedom to our country.

    Happy Independence Day to one and all.

    Here’s a small attempt, a creative challenge rather, by me and Eshan to compose, produce, write, record, and arrange an original song from scratch in just 3.5 hours.

    Hope you like it. Do let us know if you want us to improvise on this and come up with an official music video.


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    Faith Hope And Love | Unifying Cultures Through Music

    After producing 5 songs, Phalgunn Maharishi is all set with his next project dubbed the FAITH HOPE AND LOVE which is an honest attempt to understand humanity keeping music as a driving force. The song is a perfect blend of 3 musical cultures – Christian, Rap, and Carnatic Classical – all three, together, representing Faith, Hope, and Love.

    It is an experimental pop fusion song which sets out on the concept of having faith, hope, and love as three main pillars in our lives, yet believing that Love is the core foundation upon which Faith and Hope are built. Inspired by The Holy Bible where Paul writes “But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love,” the song puts forth the biblical meaning of Faith, Hope, and Love into everyday life.

    The song started as a small project almost a year ago and has grown manifolds over the months with many independent musicians collaborating in the belief of understanding the bridge between music and humanity. The project has witnessed wonderful collaborations between six artists from different cultures with various musical backgrounds, spread across India, USA, Thailand, and Indonesia.


    The song is a soothing mix of Christian, Rap, and Carnatic Classical music genres, each performed by various artists representing different art forms.
    The female vocal for the Christian music is rendered by Shannon Bannister from the USA, the Rap portions have been performed by NEFF a.k.a Rohan Ramesh, and Nikshep Rao takes charge of the powerful Carnatic Classical vocals.

    The song also features mesmerizing Sitar melodies performed by I Made Sentana from Indonesia and HipHop groove programmed by Phalgunn Maharishi, which blend in three powerful music cultures and ease out the musical movement.

    Finally, to make sure all these musical styles gel in together, the song has been mixed and mastered by Tom Hellsten, a Swedish sound engineer who lives in Thailand.


    Composed, produced, and actively driven by Phalgunn Maharishi, Faith Hope & Love is not just a fusion song, but a flawless transition between different cultures, resulting in an enchanting listening experience.

    To make the song more engaging, the team has rolled out a crowdfunding campaign to help them raise funds to envision their dream of producing a music video and distribute the song, to a wider audience.


    PHALGUNN MAHARISHI | Music Composer and Producer
    Phalgunn Maharishi is a music composer, record producer, and singer currently living in Bengaluru, India. Modern-yet-expressive would be the best way to describe his music; his songs are mostly inspired by the everyday life. He has a flair towards collaborating with musicians from across the globe. His songs include ‘Alarm’, ‘Namma Dasara’, ‘Forever’, ‘Ade Beeru’, and ‘Meri Dua’.

    SHANNON | Female Vocals & English Lyrics
    A mother of three and a musician, Shannon has been writing songs and singing for about three years, with over 13 songs to her credit. She believes, it’s not about the money or the fame, but all about making the most of God-given talents, by sharing what you have with others, thus leading her to a number of collaborations with musicians across the globe.

    NIKSHEP RAO | Male Carnatic Vocals
    Nikshep is a Carnatic singer with roots tracing to the cultural city of Mysore in India. He started learning music at a very early age of 10. Currently, practicing his Vidwath portions in Carnatic Classical Music, Nikshep has garnered plenty of achievements in his genre over the past years.

    NEFF a.k.a ROHAN RAMESH | Rap & Rap Lyrics
    Neff a.k.a Rohan Ramesh is a rapper with family roots in Bengaluru, but raised in America, growing up primarily in New York and New Jersey. After moving back to India after 30 years, he started taking up his passion towards rapping seriously. His flow, authenticity, and lyrics are true to the genre and the game.

    I MADE SENTANA | Sitar
    A financial journalist by profession and a musician by passion, I Made Sentana from Bali, Indonesia, specializes in Hindustani Classical Music. He has been a part of many international collaborations and plays electric guitar with ethnic flavors, tabla, and sitar.

    ESHAN | Hindi Lyrics
    A software professional with a deep interest in theatre and poetry, Eshan is a storyteller and a man of great thoughts. He has been a part of many theatre shows, conceptualizing, directing, and writing scripts. He is an avid ‘Shaayar’ with a pen name ‘Raavana’!

    TOM HELLSTEN | Mixing and mastering
    Hailing from Sweden but living in Thailand for the past 13 years, Tommy Hellsten is a mixing/mastering engineer with a flair towards getting the best analog sound. He has built a mixing studio, the TST Studios, and so far, mixed and mastered over a thousand songs for artists and producers across the globe.