Inspired by The Bible, Faith Hope & Love is a one-of-its-kind song with international collaborations like never seen before. This is an homest attempt to understand how music can drive humanity and what faith hope and love mean to different people from different cultures.

It is an experimental pop fusion song which sets out on the concept of having faith, hope, and love as three main pillars in our lives, yet believing that Love is the core foundation upon which Faith and Hope are built.

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Concept, Music Composer & Producer: Phalgunn Maharishi

English Female Vocals & Lyrics: Shannon B

Rap: Rohan Ramesh a.k.a NEFF

Hindi Male Vocals: Nikshep Rao

Hindi Lyrics: Eshan a.k.a Raavana

Sitar: I Made Sentana

Mix and Master: Tom Hellsten, TST Studios, Thailand


Lead: Vaishnavi A B

Female Singer with Guitar: Chaitra Gowda

Kids: Ashirwad & Priyanka


Concept, Cinematography, Editing & Direction: Nikhil H C

Concept, Line Production & Artist Management: Lohit Kumar S

Production Associate: Chetan Sharma

Executive Producer: Ranjitha Phalgunn

Producer: Phalgunn Maharishi (Phal Music)


Crowdfunding Partner: GoodClap

Audio Partner: Ollo Audio

Online Partner: TVAlly

Online Radio Partner: Open Stage Radio


It feels really great when hard work is paid off. Here is a snapshot of The Indian Express, Mysuru Edition, dated 20th Sept 2018, carrying an exclusive coverage about our recently released music video, Faith Hope & Love.
Ever wondered what it takes to collaborate with international musicians? Check this video as I share with Ollo Audio my work flow during my international projects.


Faith... is what we believe
Hope... in things unseen
Love... is the great of these
Faith, Hope, and Love.

Faith... give me strength to believe
Hope... feels like a dream
Love... help me love my enemies
Faith, Hope, and Love.

Love… Love… Love… Love...
Love is the greatest of these.

Jaise doobta sooraj phir subah aata hai
Kuch karne ki ummeed jagaata hai
Har din yahan kuch naya sa hai
Har cheeze main yahan kayi rang hai

Faith hope and love
I got a gun and a glove
Cuz my loves dyslexic
Lifestyle so reckless

And the faith done faded
And the hope burnt up and evaporated
So no no no and why why why
It just comes back to bite me every time I try

You were looking in my eyes as u passed me by
I can't get it off off my mind the way u said goodbye
So I kick a couple rhymes just to pass the time
I've just had it up to here and u can save ur lies

They say sharing is caring
You say you don't care
On my sleeve I am wearing
My heart and it's tearing

I got me a new girl.
Her body is splendid
Now that time has passed
I am happy it ended

Faith... tell me do you believe
Hope... sets the captives free
Love... more than what we feel
Faith, Hope, and Love.

Love… Love… Love… Love...
Love is the greatest of these.

Faith... one day all will believe
Hope... truth will be revealed
Love... may our hearts to sealed
Faith, Hope, and Love.

Love… Love… Love… Love...
Love is the greatest of these.