Forever Now Available On YouTube

Hey Friends,

The recently launched song ‘Forever’ is now available on YouTube with its very own music video. I request everyone to kindly watch it and share across your friends as well, and support me in my journey; help make my upcoming songs as best as possible.

With this note, I would like to also inform that, while the vocal recording for my next song is already over, we are entering into the final stage of mixing and mastering. However, meanwhile I would request you to support me more and more so that I can come up with awesome videos for my songs, both ‘Forever’ and the upcoming ‘Meri Dua Hai Tu’.

While purchasing the song on music stores is definitely one way you can help me out, you can even share the song on your social media profiles, as that will surely help me out in reaching more and more people. Well, there’s also one more indirect way how you can support me — Most of us shop on and before you do the next time, please dont forget to purchase through this link : or this link

Well, that will definitely help me out as my website is an affiliate to Amazon, and thus I get payments for the traffic I create for Amazon. So, I can definitely invest more on the gear and come up with awesome songs in the near future.

This is an open request made by an indie music producer as no big record companies are there to back me in this journey.

With Love,

Phalgunn Maharishi

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