My Workflow In A Collaboration Project – Ollo Audio

Ever wondered what it takes to collaborate with international musicians? Check this video as I share with Ollo Audio my work flow during my international projects.

– planning first
– naming files right
– check DAW you have
– test skype or other tools upfront
– work one on one with collaborators
– avoid communication confusion when possible
– dedicate a sharing platform for all
– understand it takes time

OLLO Chat – Collaboration techniques with Phalgunn Maharashi

When collaborating overseas take this into consideration:-planning first-naming files right-check DAW you have-test skype or other tools upfront-work one on one with collaborators-avoid communication confusion when possible-dedicate a sharing platform for all-understand it takes timeThank you Phalgunn Maharishi Music for sharing your workflow in collaboration project. The project video was just released, you can check it out here:

Posted by OLLO – audio tools on Thursday, 13 September 2018

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