Dive centuries deep into the world history and you can notice a similar infinite pattern in almost everything good and bad. By observing these patterns, we can realize the amount of corruption that goes on in this infinite pattern that gets worse within an infinite cycle. Sinfinity is a song that attempts to trace down the history and understand how happy and pure we all once were, prior to colonization, which further evolved from infinity to Sinfinity.




Music Composer & Producer: Phalgunn Maharishi

Vocals, Lyrics, and Mixing: Gerardo Batocabe

Executive Producer: Tom Hellsten, TST Studios

Mastering Engineer: Tim Flanzbaum


Music Composer / Producer Phalgunn Maharishi and Video Editor / Director Suraj Shankar have released...


Verse 1:
Desert sunrays
Handfull of dates
I've seen better days
But it's my great escape
For a better path so i kicked the camels ass
The camel kicked me back
Now i'm a better man.
What i feared most became the torment i embrace
Panic, fear and hate couldn't look me in my face
Abandoned the rap race
she left a bad taste
Cuz transparency in truth
turned into lies in the states
Cuz how many go to war and how many go to space
How many many go to school and how many misplaced
How many get rich off the poorest of races
How many more to shoot and how many more to rape
Its a dirty yet highly functioned disjunction
Between ethics and morals of a cancer eating corruption
A shady foundation with a knack for causing disruption
No dates and no names but a world war is coming

All we know
All we got
Is our words
And our thoughts
Who's to kill
Who's to rob
Who's to eat
who's to starve
Why not teach
Create jobs
Why fight peace
Why raise arms
We destroy
We disarm
We make peace
And so on...
All we know
All we got
Is our worlds
And our stars
Who's our moon
Who's our sun
Who creates
who is god
Who we teach
Who we are
Why not feed
Why not farm
We restore
We stay calm
We make peace
And move on.

Verse 2:
Looked in the mirror and it hit me to some life game
To stimulate and activate the left and right brain
Said baby boy look around you, you dont have much
I turned around, walked away and then i packed lunch
that's one to live by or either that's one to die to
It's my mind over matter
My skin's deep in a statue
I'm flatlining my latter half
Facin my real potential
I'm a sinner looking for better
My worse is under the weather
It's not for pleassure
I'm brained out of my wits
Erasing my second chances
And rewriting my script
Dissolve where where i left off
Evolve where i stand
My value is in its place
When i'm late paying my rent
So little time since
Too rusty to grind shit
Relevance is bliss
With little evidence
I caught my second wind
So please let me begin
I'm sorry mister president
I cant let it amount to this